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Circular Economy: An Essential for the future RMG Industry

Bangladesh is one of the largest producers of textile waste, with around 400,000 tonnes of post-production textile waste produced annually. The majority of textile waste is exported to India, which is almost $4 billion worth of business being lost. B(...)
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Cross border B2B Digital Trade Gaining Momentum

Cross border B2B digital trade has gained huge momentum in the last two years with an increase in the demand for imported goods. Geographical boundaries are becoming less and less important in B2B trade. It’s widely expected to continue to grow(...)
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Manufacturers to get tech upgrade loan

Bangladesh Bank, the Central Bank of Bangladesh is forming a Tk 1,000 crore fund to help industries to update their technological infrastructure, according to a media report published on December 14, 2020. 32 types of export-oriented industries, incl(...)
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Young leaders for sustainable and efficient innovation in apparel industries

The apparel industry has seen great many changes since it’s initiation in Bangladesh and more so during the Covid-19 pandemic which has greatly transformed consumer behaviour. With the industry changing fast and efficiency being more necessary(...)
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Guide for entrepreneurs to survive in crisis like Covid19

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to its knees, with people losing jobs and businesses (especially small ones) being hit the most. Over the last one year, the world grappled with the relatively new concepts of work-from home and businesses(...)
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